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St. John Bosco Feast Day Featured Photo

St. John Bosco Feast Day

St. John Bosco Feast Day is January 31st. St. John Bosco is our Living Waters Patron Saint. He was canonized on Easter Sunday of 1934, and is a patron saint of young people, apprentices, and Catholic publishers and editors. Today we celebrate St. John Bosco in all of our Living Waters Catholic Schools. He is also the Patron Saint of Catholic Education.
Board of Trustees & Central Office Executive Meet with MLA Long Featured Photo

Board of Trustees & Central Office Executive Meet with MLA Long

On the morning of January 27, 2023 the Living Waters Board of Trustees along with Central Office had the opportunity to meet with MLA Martin Long. As a part of their advocacy plan, the Board took the time to share successes and challenges with MLA Long. The Board values the importance of having time to share the Living Waters story with their local MLAs on a yearly basis. Time was taken to recognize the government's response to provide funding for mental health initiatives, nutrition programs, curriculum implementation and for literacy supports. Living Waters has strategically used all funds to initiate a Mental Health Pilot project for students in Grades 4-9, to enhance and expand nutrition programs in 5 of 7 school settings, and to provide coaching to support teachers in the area of literacy and curriculum implementation.
Curriculum Meetings Featured Photo

Curriculum Meetings

Our curriculum teams continue to work on supporting our staff and students with implementation of the new curricula. Our teams have met four times to collaborate and develop various resources such as centers, provocations, activities, lessons and assessments that align with the new curricula and our concepts. Our teams will meet two more times this school year and our focus area for these meetings will be on assessments.
Our goal is that every child who enters our doors will graduate from a faith-filled safe and caring environment prepared for future success