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Inclusive Education


An Inclusive Environment in Living Waters Catholic Schools


Programming for students with inclusive needs will continue to be met at the school level.  The process for identification and assessment is well defined and effectively implemented.  Each school is staffed with an Inclusive Education Lead who assists teachers with programming and monitors student supports and programs.  The Inclusive Education Leads from each school meet regularly to share expertise and experiences and plan programs.  Funding for program planning and professional development for teachers and educational assistants has been established. Further development in inclusive programming will be consistent with Alberta Education’s Inclusive Education model.

In addition, each school in our division has a full time psychologist, who completes Educational Psychological Assessments. Student assessments are kept current to support student learning in the classroom. Living Waters exceeds provincial standards for inclusive education supports.

Living Waters also offers Specialized Support Services with two full time Speech Language Pathologists and one full time Occupational Therapist who provide services to our three communities.