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Religious Education

The District Religious Education team continues to focus our work around the Five Essential Marks of a Catholic School.  For the 2020-2021 school year, our team will be enacting our Three Year Faith Plan - Growing Together: A Journey of Faith. The three year plan focuses on Mark 5 - Shaped by a spirituality of communion. Mark 5 states: β€œAn excellent Catholic school recognizes that each and every stakeholder is responsible for the common good.” We feel that this is a perfect mark to work on as the pandemic reinforces just how much we need to work together in these trying times. We are all in this together.


Living Waters Catholic Separate School Division Faith Plan 2020-2023


The Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ Religious Education program continues to roll out with the Grade 7 being introduced in our schools this year. The Growing in Faith Growing in Christ curriculum resource is currently being implemented in Grades 1 through 7 with the Grade 8 resources being released in 2021. This program is an excellent resource that provides students with a foundational knowledge of the teachings of Christ and the beliefs of the Catholic Church.  As a team, we support teachers in reflecting the social teachings of the church and work together to offer a Catholic faith-infused curriculum. Our Religious Education representatives will work with the staff of their schools to continue building a faith-filled culture where Gospel values and Church teaching are incorporated into all subject areas. 


Living Waters has created our own version of the Five Marks of a Catholic School Identity.


The Divisional religious education team has also created a companion website with resources to support the implementation of the Five Marks of a Catholic School Identity. Special thanks goes to Paul Tobin (teacher at Holy Redeemer High School) for taking the lead on this project.