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Religious Education

February 2018

The District Religious Education team continues to focus our work around the Five Essential Marks of a Catholic School.  For the 2017-2018 school year, our team will be working on the development of Mark 3: Animated by a Faith-Infused Curriculum while sustaining the benchmarks of Mark 4: Sustained by Gospel Witness.  Mark 3 states that “an excellent Catholic school has an academic curriculum that integrates a vision of faith within the learner outcomes and teaching strategies”.  We feel that this is a perfect mark to work on as the new Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ Religious Education program unfolds within our schools. 

The Growing in Faith Growing in Christ curriculum resource is currently being implemented in Grades 1 through 4 with the Grade 5 resources being released later this year.  This program is an excellent resource that provides students with a foundational knowledge of the teachings of Christ and the beliefs of the Catholic Church.  As a team, we support teachers in reflecting the social teachings of the church and work together to offer a Catholic faith-infused curriculum. Our Religious Education representatives will work with the staff of their schools to continue building a faith-filled culture where Gospel values and Church teaching are incorporated into all subject areas.