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LifeSkills- BTC

An Inclusive Environment in Living Waters Catholic Schools


Beyond the Classroom is intended to be individualized and personalized, focused on meaningful real world life skills, and hands on with practical and functional academics. Beyond the classroom is not a remedial or a behavior modification program.

There are strict admittance requirements for Beyond the Classroom. Students are only admitted to this program after careful consideration that removing them from a set curriculum is in their overall best interest and done in consultation with their parents.  


Students enrolled in this program meet the following criteria: 

1) A Completed Psychoeducational Assessment, 

2) IQ below 70, (this aligns with PDD criteria)

3) Appropriate Alberta Education Code, 

4) Evidence informed recommendation (varies - teacher anecdotal notes, PowerSchool Log Entries, academic reporting, student work samples, Individual Program Plans, additional assessments, Fountas and Pinnell, etc) and signed informed consent of parents.


Beyond the Classroom is a blended program where students are able to complete certain classes (depends on the student’s talents and interests) with their grade-level peers meeting one of our goals of inclusion wherever possible. Beyond the Classroom provides small class size ratios with high levels of support services, including the school psychologist, Speech Language Pathologist, and Occupational Therapist.