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GrACE Committee Meeting

The Living Waters GrACE committee met on May 30th to create their 2022/2023 plans for sharing and showcasing all the great things that are happening in our Catholic Schools in Edson, Whitecourt, and Slave Lake. GrACE stands for Grateful Advocates for Catholic Education and the committee looks forward to taking the time to unite, engage, educate and communicate with all stakeholders over the course of the next year.

Hats off to the Holy Redeemer Grads!

The Living Waters Board of Trustees sends warmest congratulations to the Holy Redeemer Graduating Class of 2022.

May God grant you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed!

I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Day 5 - Mark 5 - Shaped By a Spirituality of Communion

Covid has allowed us to have a greater appreciation for the ability to come together as a faith community. Mass in the parish in Whitecourt was a welcome return to normal.

In our schools today: In our elementary schools we will honor a different class - each class would “adopt” another class and do something(s) to honor them, such as cards, crafts, treats, letters (faith based), etc.

In our Jr/Sr high schools, we will do an in-class celebration.

Day 4 - Mark 4 - Sustained By a Gospel Witness

We are all called to model our faith. Professional Development is a key component of this. Marked by God is a conference offered by the Catholic Council of School Superintendents. After a forced break from Covid, the entire Religious Education Team will attend the conference this October.

In our schools today: We will all wear blue for Catholic Education Day and take a school picture. Our students will also write a letter or thank-you card to a parent/guardian or significant adult for allowing them to attend a Catholic School.

Day 3 - Mark 3 - Animated By A Faith-Infused Curriculum

Literacy and Faith came together in the retelling of the creation story. We look for ways to meaningfully permeate the faith in all curriculum.

In our schools today: Each student will choose a meaningful faith word for them and we will create bulletin boards in each school to celebrate our faith.

Day 2 - Mark 2 - Imbued with a Catholic World View

A school's Catholic worldview is evident in art, signage, and each school has a space for community prayer. This photo highlights how vibrant our faith is in our community schools as the bulletin board highlights the Lenten Path.

In our schools today: Our schools will each complete a Kahoot around Catholic Education today. There are scavenger hunt questions as part of the Kahoot.

Living Waters is proud to have planned division-wide celebrations of Catholic Education Week -May 23-27

Day 1 - Mark 1 - Grounded in a Christian Anthropology

Living Waters staff and students view our documents relating to faith as living and frequently work with them to seek a deeper meaning. This picture is an example of this work.

In our schools today: While our schools have the day off for Victoria Day, we are encouraging our staff and students to create positive social media posts in support of Catholic Education.
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