Winter Walk Day

On Feb. 7, 2024, Albertans are set to bundle up for the annual Winter Walk Day, a tradition since 2006 that celebrates and encourages active living during the colder months. This event, which sees participants engaging in a 15-minute walk amidst the winter chill, aims to foster community spirit and promote health and wellness across the province. Last year, over 149,000 people took part, with this year's target set at more than 150,000 participants, contributing to a collective goal of 2.2 million minutes of outdoor activity. Supported by Alberta’s government and organizations like SHAPE, AMA School Patrol, Ever Active Schools, Alberta Blue Cross, Fitness Alberta, and the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association, Winter Walk Day stands as a testament to the province's commitment to fostering year-round active lifestyles.
Register your participation through the following  link: