Religious Education

October 20, 2016

Our divisional Religious Education Team gathered on October 20th for our first meeting of the 2016-2017 school year.  This team consists of school-based Religious Education representatives working together to infuse the Catholic faith into all of our Living Waters schools.  As Catholic educators, we have a responsibility to teach our students about the teachings of Christ and the beliefs of the Catholic church.  As a team, we will work together to support staff, students, parents and members of our community throughout this faith journey.  

Our team will be meeting three times this year to plan and discuss what Religious Education looks like for Vision 2020.  One of our guiding documents used in Living Waters is the Five Essential Marks of Catholic Schools.  As a team, we have chosen to focus on one mark and build on our strengths as Gospel witnesses to our faith.  Mark Four (Sustained by Gospel Witness) emphasizes the importance of staff members in Catholic schools being active members of their parish and Gospel witnesses for students, families and each other.  Our Religious Education representatives hope to work with the staff of their schools to build upon their faith community and embrace opportunities that allow us to be living witnesses to the Gospel, Jesus Christ and his Church.